Dirty solar panels reduce the efficiency of making electricity from the sun. Whilst this is an obvious statement, it highlights that cleaning your solar panels really can make a difference.

PMF Services provide solar panel cleaning to help you keep them at the peak of efficiency. We clean panels on domestic buildings, commercial rooftops, agricultural buildings as well as ground mounted solar farms.

We are very happy to be an approved contractor for Clean Solar Solutions. They are the leading industry experts when it comes to cleaning solar panels. To become an approved contractor we have attended their professional training course dedicated solely to cleaning solar panels. This is the only course of its kind and allows us to provide our service to theirĀ  and our customers at the highest level of safety. Please click their logo below to visit their website.

Solar panels rely on contact from sunlight to produce electricity. Anything that covers the panel will therefore reduce the amount of light reaching the surface. A build up of dust, dirt, debris or bird droppings will decrease the area of the panels available to the sunlight. This is what causes the panels to become less efficient.

PMF Services offer a cleaning service to remove the dirt, dust etc, to keep your panels working at their optimum level.

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Solar panel cleaning

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solar panel cleaning and pressure washing service
solar panel cleaning and pressure washing service